Best COVERED Umbrella Stroller for Disney Parks (2023)

Family vacations at Disney Parks are magical no matter which coast you choose. Whether you're at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, parents like to take a lightweight stroller along with a baby or toddler to roam the parks. After reviewing many brands and three children later, I'm sharing my favoriteCOVERED Umbrella Stroller for Disney. Furthermore, all the different models(The version)You do it - then you can choose a price that works for you.

Ever since Disney parks opened with Disneyland in 1955, parents have been looking for the best strollers for the holidays. The right stroller will provide your child with comfort, be lightweight and make navigating the park much easier. The wrong cart is simply a headache that will ruin your day.

I've visited parks with TONS of stroller models and the slightest nuance can really ruin your day. A squeaky wheel or being turned away at the park gate because you have the wrong size stroller will be a major vacation frustration.

Why You Need a Disney Umbrella Stroller

Conventional umbrella strollers are easy to fold and fold. They've become a popular travel option because they're lightweight and don't take up a lot of cargo space.

You can buy a new umbrella stroller for around $20 at your local department store - but it won't improve your experience one bit AND they're poorly made. No one wants to buy or rent a new stroller on vacation if it's not in the budget.

Here's why you need an umbrella stroller for Disney:

  • Folded trolleys are required for transport -If you are staying on property, all Disney resorts are on the shuttle bus system. Everyone ends up on a bus if you stay on property. Parents should fold the stroller and let the children sit on their laps (or car seats). Umbrella carts are easy to fold. Even if you don't live on the property andsteer to park– Trams also require folded carts.
  • You want a lightweight option –You must fold the stroller before boarding the bus. Carrying it down the bus stairs and taking care of your kids requires a lightweight option.
  • Disney parks have stroller requirements– One time, walkers in the parks got out of hand. Strollers are prohibited and the Walt Disney World (and Disneyland) Stroller Policy states"Carts must be 79 cm wide and 132 cm long or less."
  • A narrow footprint makes navigation easier- When you're walking through crowds and busy stores, a smaller stroller is easier.

What is the best umbrella stroller for the Disney parks?

Drumroll please... my vote for the BEST umbrella stroller in the Disney parks is this oneMaclaren-BabyBrand. I'll break down why they earn my number one pick and recommendation to anyone who asks. we own theModelo Maclaren Baby Techno XTsince the birth of my eldest son (it is still sold in an updated version today) but I have already had the opportunity to test several of its models. Over the years they have only made improvements to a top notch baby product.

With more design features in the smallest space, the Maclaren brand truly takes the lead in the umbrella stroller category.

We were originally drawn to their models for our oldest son's first trip to Walt Disney World and we still use the SAME stroller for my youngest son today... 8 years later. I love that it's reliable, it's stood the test of time, and we still swear it's the BEST stroller for Disney parks.

Are Maclaren baby umbrella strollers worth the cost?

Let me be totally honest with you... you will spend up to several hundred dollars to own a Maclaren umbrella stroller. We score a lot in ourModelo Techno XTwith the vintageamazon prime saleand I also saw price cuts on Buy Buy Baby.

See why Maclaren umbrella strollers are worth the price:

  • Only umbrella stroller with reclining function:If you're at the parks all day, which most Disney parks visitors want to do for the ticket price, your child will likely be napping. Traditional umbrella strollers can be uncomfortable. The Maclaren can recline completely flat AND offers a leg extension feature for the ultimate in comfort.
  • You are umbrella coveredCart:Avoid the hot Florida (or California) sun and protect your child from sunburn by choosing a covered stroller. Keeping your baby cool and comfortable is a HUGE benefit.
  • Maclaren trolleys really do offer storage space:Even with a small screen area, the Maclaren brand offers little storage space under the seat and behind the backrest. Just keep a small bag of groceries, several bottles, diapers and a change of clothes. So if you want to avoid carrying a purse, you can!
  • Suitable for newborns up to 55 pounds:Your money is stretched even further with the Maclaren, as a child can continue to use it until they hit the 50-pound weight limit.

In addition to these functionalities, you can still register the cart for theSovereign™ Lifetime Warranty, which replace (if necessary) all parents and guarantee the quality of your umbrella stroller. We registered ours and never had to use the service. But it's great to know it exists.

Which Maclaren umbrella stroller is right for your family?

Here are some umbrella strollers to consider before your Disney vacation, with various price points. Remember they will stand the test of time.

O modo Maclaren Techno Arceu

As one of the more expensive Maclaren models, it offers other advantages. It has a lifetime guarantee, is waterproof and accommodates a child up to 55 kilos. The handles are firm and sturdy with a great feel. This model has 4.5 stars on Amazon.

It only weighs 11 pounds and folds completely to fit in a storage bag. Use the side handle to carry it on Disney transport. There is also agate check bagthat you can buy for this model when flying.

The Techno XT model

Available at a lower price point and our personal favorite, this is Disney's BEST umbrella stroller - the one I highly recommend. The seat folds completely, weighs 13 pounds and can accommodate a child up to 55 pounds. It has great storage compartments and is also completely waterproof. The folding seat allows for an easy nap. It also has a great shock absorbing system to keep little ones asleep.

How to Care for Your Maclaren Umbrella Stroller Between Disney Vacations

Let me be honest, I know these carts don't come cheap. You are an investment. We use ours for so much more than just the Disney parks (they're great if you have a smaller car, too). If you're taking the plunge and deciding to make the investment, I have a few tips to help you care for your Maclaren Umbrella stroller:

  1. Store the stroller in a dry place and keep it folded between uses.
  2. Wipe the wheels with a disinfectant wipe before storing them.
  3. go shoppingtrolley bagto protect it from the elements.
  4. Make sure storage bins are empty between uses.

We never had to oil the wheels and eight years later they are still smooth. We've never had to replace any parts either, but they're readily available (along with more accessories) on Amazon.

Trust me when I say the right stroller can really transform your vacation. No pun intended, but you want your family trip to go smoothly. Remember that great Disney vacation and not a stroller that gave you constant trouble. We are very happy that we made the investment in Maclaren and it has made all the difference for us.


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